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From the city buses to express buses, we offer advertisers boundless opportunity to communicate their messages effectively and in full view of their target audience.

Any communication activity on our Ambassadors on Wheels can be tailored towards the need of our clients with the full support of our nationwide network.

From creative to production, logistics to maintenance, we will do everything that is necessary to ensure all the communication campaign is worth its investment.

“Recall” is the name of the game and bus mediums will definitely be remembered.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple!

We offer creative mobile communications solutions to advertisers enabling them to communicate with the target audiences with the objective of creating awareness, recall and therefore branding. This requires a change in mindset on the part of the advertisers and their agencies. We have also managed to shift the paradigm in that we think without the box.

The buses are the mediums and we don’t just mean the exteriors. The value creations are amazing if you consider product samplings, surveys and questionnaire distributions as valued-adding the advertisers’ Advertising & Promotional campaigns.

We will work closely with the advertisers to turn the buses into communications tools capable of “talking” to the target audience.

Our Passion

We are passionate about our clients’ advertising needs!

We are always on the lookout for ways to make our buses as the medium of choice among advertisers. Our buses talk to the motorists and pedestrians as well as the passengers and as such our buses are the ideal platform to communicate with various types of target audiences.

We are constantly studying the demographic and to some extent the psychographic profiles of the passengers and the people that our buses meet throughout their journey.

For one, our express buses ply the North South Expressway and it is estimated that 860,000 vehicles travel this highway daily! This excludes the number of passengers in one vehicle. Needless to say, the eyeball potential is just superb.

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